Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Yours & Evans Fashion Mini Haul

It was payday a few days ago and I decided to do what I always do and spend some of it. I needed (honestly I really needed LOL) some new things for spring/summer so decided to have a look on Yours as they always have loads of things I want. But I was reserved and only got 2 tops this time. The first top is a grey top with a black vest attached. This isn't something I would normally go for as I am quite reserved when it comes to clothes for some reason. I guess I feel like I dont deserve to wear cool and trendy things because I am fat but I am trying to change my attitude. So I am going to proudly wear this top as well as the others and not care what other people think! Right, onto the next top from Yours which is the I heart Paris t-shirt. Its really cute and casual which is the style I go for most days. And last but not least the sequin bow stripe top from Evans. I fell in love with this on the web site and had to have it. I love this top but now that I have it in person I do think it was a bit pricey for the quality. So that is it for today. I do have some more things coming in the post so will do another post as soon as I get them. Thanks for stopping by!
Tops from lef to right:
1.Evans sequin bow stripe top £25
2.Yours 2 in 1 waistcoast top £16
3.Yours Paris t-shirt £14


  1. Yay you got the bow top in the end! It's so cute, and so are the others. We can definitely wear trendy clothes! Ok, some of the fashions I wouldn't wear due to my figure but if it's flattering then why not? You will look cute! x

  2. Lovley haul, though I especially love the top with the waistcoat attached. It's just my sort of thing...

    Lins x

  3. omg did u just read my mind!! i have thoose on the wish list! PLEASE post a ootd on these tops so i know what they look like on a real woman. I am really glad you are embracing your curves and dressing how you want to and not how you feel you should dress. Just because we r fat doesnt mean we cannot rock trendy looks xx cant wait to see you in these items xxx