Thursday, 27 May 2010

Yes, You've Guessed It.....I did more shopping. Oh dear..

So I have been splashing the cash again lately. I have to say my hobby is getting quite expensive. Anyway we only live once eh? I went out to find plants for the garden the other day and came home with a summer floral bag and flip flops instead. Totally not my fault though....couldn't find any plants! LOL The bag is really cute and was only £10. It has cute beadwork on the flowers as well. As for the flip flops I only wanted them to wear in te garden and you can't beat £1.50!

My mobile phone contract was coming to an end soon so I decided to give my Blackberry Curve 8900 to my husbdand and treat myself to a new one. I went for the HTC Desire. Its a really nice phone. Does everything I need it to so can't complain. I also got it on a 12 month contract which is fab because I hate 18 and 24 month ones with a passion. As well as the new phone in that picture I decided to give the new Boots No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser a go. I am a huge fan of Liz Earle Cleans and Polish but find it too expensive to keep up. The No7 option is under £9 for 200mL and is really good. I also decided to try Clinique Perfectly Real foundation. I have heard good things about it and got it for £12.99 at I also got a NYX lipstick in Athena from there as well. The MAC 182 kabuki is an ebay buy. I have no idea if it's real but its soft and well made and it was under £5 so can't comlain.

And finally the lovely top from Evans. It has a super cute antique themed design. Evans had this top as well as others on offer for 20% off. I also had a discount code for another 20% off on top of that so I couldnt resist!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Clothes Haul from Yours &

Handbag: ByNica
Purple top, Pink top and Black caridgan from Yours
Yellow MTV top and Barbie top from

So lately I have been on a clothes kick. This in no way means I am not in love with makeup anymore. Far from in in fact. I just have those days when I look in the wardrobe and think "why don't I have anything to wear?!" Yes, I do actually have clothes to wear and alot of them but sometimes you just get tired of the same old thing. I also love the fact that places such as Yours have a fantastic range of plus size clothes and they are so affordable.

I have also been impressed with the latest additions to the plus size range at I now have a few things from them and I have been really pleased with the quality and the prices are not too bad. The two latest tops pictured above I had to have when I saw them. It can be hard to find trendy t's when you are my size so when I see something like these I grab them!

Handbags have to be my very first love. I remember going bag shopping with my mom as a child as she has the same love for them as I do. As much as I like designer bags they aren't really affordable for me. This gorgeous new bag by Nica is super affordable and adorable. The quality is excelent and I really like the fact that they always line thier bags with a pretty floral lining. It makes the bags look more expensive than they are not to mention makes it easier to see things inside rather than having a plain black interior.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank Holiday Outfit Of The Day

Cardi: Littlewoods

I am so happy that i finally got to wear this sequin bow top from Evans! I fell in love with it when I saw it on the website. It was a cool and windy day today so I couldn't wear it on it's own but it looks great with this grey long cardi I got from the plus size range at Littlewoods ages ago. Of course I also teamed it up with jeans and trainers as my normal everyday look is casual. I can definitely see this becoming my favorite outfit.